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Ga. Power crews restore power in Florida

August 30, 2004

Valdosta - Georgia Power workers are back on the job today, after an eight day trip to southern Florida. But their time in the Sunshine State was anything but a vacation. "We started work at about 6:00 in the morning and we worked sometimes until 11:30," said James Laird.

These guys worked around the clock, in sweltering temperatures to restore power to storm damaged homes. "All kinds of trees have fallen over, poles are broken, lines are down" said Ray Calvin.

"From Valdosta, we sent about 14 workers and about 8 trucks," said Freddy Ramsey.

Not only was there job a tedious and time consuming one, it was also extremely dangerous. "You have to worry about people down there who have bought generators and hooked them up to their houses and then you can get backfeed, and safety takes precedence over anything else," said Ramsey.

And with Hurricane Frances heading towards Florida, they're work may not be done just yet. "We would go back to help people because we would need the help if the same thing happened in Georgia," said Ramsey.

"It's good to go help people at least try to get their lives back to normal, a lot of their roofs are still leaking and they have all kinds of other problems," said Ray Calvin. But life is a little easier now, thanks to the hard work of these utility workers.

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