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Victims of burglaries give warning

August 29, 2004

Ben Hill County -- A Fitzgerald man whose family were victims of a break-in has a warning that what happened to his loved ones could happen to anyone. Now he's calling on residents in Ben Hill County to protect their community.

Rev.Stacey Foster was in a state of panic last week when he returned home to discover that thieves had broken the locks on the back door of his home.

"They had to snatch this door here open in order to get entrance here," says Foster as he point to his broken back door.

Foster says the thieves didn't just break in his back door they came inside his home and stole a DVD player. Then the thieves went inside his bedroom where his wife and 1-year-old child were sleeping. They snatched the sleeping women's purse off the desk and made their get away.

"They removed everything off the computer stand right beside her head and it was just a stunning thing to her that she did not wake up while they were in the residence," says Foster.

But Foster's neighbor Harold Window says he was not shocked there was a burglary in his South Jackson street neighborhood. He says just last week thieves lifted several bikes and a scooter out of his backyard.

"Lately there have been nothing but burglaries around here," says Windom.

Burglaries Foster says he wants to help stop by calling on the neighbors on his block and all over Ben Hill County to work together so they won't become the next victims.

"Call immediately, as soon as you see something that does not look right in the neighborhood. Don't keep your mouth closed ,call them and notify them let them know that something is gone wrong in the neighborhood," says Foster.

Keeping an eye out for each other and becoming the first line defense for neighborhood safety.

Police have arrested and charged a man with burglarizing the Foster's home.

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