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S. Georgians had eye on Olympics

August 29, 2004

Albany- It was one of the most televised Olympic games ever, but most people admit they didn't start watching until golden boy Michael Phelps began making a splash.

"I wasn't really that excited about watching them and then the swimming events seemed to be very competitive," says Mike Wright.

Wright is dedicated to his workout routine, but he has all the respect in the world for the members of the U.S. Olympic team.

"We're one of the few countries I think that our athletes are self-motivated to achieve the level they do. A lot of the countries the governments sponsor their training habits and ours are all private. When you see the dedication it takes to get to the level, it just makes you proud of our athletes."

But that's nothing body builder Judd Biasiotto is a stranger to. He competed in Seoul.

"I finished last place so that wasn't so good, but I was also a world champion power lifter, and now I'm into body building," laughs the former Olympian.

As he watched the games, the four-time World Champion admits being proud to see the athletes accomplish something he wasn't able to. Although he says there was one disappointment.

"I watched the basketball game which broke my heart because I was really rooting for America. I think next time when we come in we're going to win that," Biasiotto says.

If the United States hopes to lead the medal count in 2008, Biasiotto says they'll have to keep their eye on the home team.

"I was in China in '88 and they're going to be the next coming power. You can see that now especially in gymnastics and diving."

Closing ceremonies for the XXVIII Olympiad air Sunday night on WALB.

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