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Norman Park water supply limited

August 28, 2004

Norman Park- Robert lingo loves to spend the afternoon in his grandmother's pool, he's glad she already had it filled up Saturday.

Norman Park's main water well was shut down Friday morning because is wasn't pumping clean water, something Lingo's grandmother Mary Kinsey and her neighbor's have noticed.

"It's kind of cloudy looking, kind of cloudy looking," says Mary Kinsey.

"It's been looking like it's got mud in it. It's been that way for the last two or three days," adds Eddie Brown.

That's a far cry from what's coming out of their faucets now. Clean water is now being pumped from the city's auxiliary well, but only at less than half the speed of the main well. So, for the next few residents will have to wait to wash cars and water lawns if they don't want their well to run dry.

The new restriction doesn't bother Eddie Brown.

"No, I don't water grass. You have to cut it if you water it. Let the good Lord water it and that way you won't have to cut it as much," he says.

But, Kinsey was planning on cleaning her pool Saturday evening.

"I'll just wait since I heard the word that they said to wait. I'd rather wait until they give us another answer saying we can do it," she says.

City officials are hoping other Norman Park residents won't mind doing the same.

City Councilman Jimmy Morgan says a repair crew will begin servicing the well Monday, but it may take a few days, so residents are asked to cut back on water consumption at least until Tuesday.

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