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Attorney has ideas for sued hospitals

August 27, 2004

Albany - Albany Attorney Bob Beauchamp is trying to come up with a plan for non-profit hospitals to help un-insured patients.

Beauchamp is going to Boston this weekend to talk to an expert about the issue.

He has filed class action lawsuits in against seven Georgia hospitals. Beauchamp explains, "A lady by the name of Professor Kain at Harvard University. I'll be spending all day Sunday and Monday. she's going to help me create a plan that will better define how an uninsured person should be treated inside a non-profit hospital."

Beauchamp would like for hospitals to get some money back to those uninsured patients who have been sued.

He believes non-profit hospitals should also have a safety net for uninsured patients.

In the future, get a watchdog group of community leaders and hospital board members to oversee the system.

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