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Get moving-- to stay alive

August 27, 2004

Albany-- Thirty percent of children in this country are facing a health problem with deadly consequences-- obesity.

And one Albany woman's inspiration is leading her to help children get healthy.

The road to health takes a lot of effort, especially when your life is on the line. "I feel myself working up a big sweat, " laughs 8th Grader Chelsea Brown.

"I lost my only brother Bernard Green, Bernard died of complications from diabetes that was brought on by his morbid obesity," said YBH founder Pamela Green.

Because of Bernard's death, little sister Pamela Green, is trying to save others through exercise. "Many children don't have PE or don't participate in it because they don't want to get picked on by their friends this gives them a gym environment or fitness center environment where they are comfortable working with a fitness trainer one on one" she said.

The grand opening of Radium Springs Middle School's Youth Becoming Healthy fitness center drew lots of dignitaries, but also kids who need it. "Well if she continues at the weight she is at I think her prognosis is pretty poor as an adult." Pediatrician Dr. Tania Smith is talking about 12 year old LaToya.

LaToya was too shy too talk on camera, but others are inspired by her. "They did not mention her name but they mentioned one case that because of her weight she had to wear a "trache" put in to help her breathe. That is the extreme, it is not too late to turn LaToya around," said the doctor.

Equipment that is easy to use, but has life saving results. The founder of the Youth Becoming Healthy Project, Pamela Green, plans to put a fitness center at Albany Middle next. Her goal is to have a fitness center at every middle school in the state.

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