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Classroom Creatures

August 27, 2004

Moultrie - What are you scared of? Some south Georgia kids got a chance to face fears that slither, hop and crawl in the wild. 

Kids intently watch a hungry hungry hippo look alike, but it's really a big, big, tortoise snacking on a juicy apple.

Then Chet Powell with the Little River Research Station brings out wide-eyed toads, making the Sunset Elementary students wide-eyed themselves.

But, the noise picks up again with a rapid shake, rattlesnakes are amongst the amazing sights and sounds. Ten-year-old Qwen Gamble says girls are, "They are scared of snakes."

A scary yellow 200 pound albino python joins the crowd. Qwen adds, "Boys are brave. girls like to holler."

A girl yells at the python, "He's go my leg!"

Girls will be girls. Ten-year-old Nicole Rivers sternly states, "I just don't like snakes, period."

And boys will be boys.  Qwen exlaims, "I love snakes!"

But, with the help of friends Nicole faces her fears. Holding the python she describes, "Scaly and really, really heavy."

The boys did show off their bravery, that's until the python gets a little too close for comfort. I know these guys would do it again, but back to Nicole. She adds, "Probably not!"

An experience new to some of these kids and for the python too. This is the first time, the albino slithered around for a crowd. Some kids nicknamed it sunshine. 

Insurance Service of the South donated money to get the wildlife program to Sunset Elementary School. 

The Moultrie Colquitt County Chamber of Commerce helped plan the program.

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