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Attorney says Phoebe assumed D.A.'s job

August 26, 2004

Albany-- The District Attorney is now investigating complaints about Phoebe Putney Hospital.

Charles Rehberg is the man being sued by Phoebe Putney. The hospital claims he authored Phoebe Factoids. His lawyer says Rehberg is being singled out because he helped investigate the hospitals finances.

Rehberg's lawyer wrote a letter to the Dougherty District Attorney today complaining about the tactics Phoebe is using in threatening and intimidating his client.

Attorney Robert Mulholland says Phoebe is trying to become the "defacto" D.A. but offering Charles Rehberg "immunity" if he cooperates with Phoebe.

Now prosecutors say they will look into it to see if any crimes have been committed. Mulholland says in the letter he wants to make the D.A. aware that "some entity is assuming your role as District Attorney."

Two detectives hired by Phoebe's lawyer confronted Charles Rehberg August 9th. They are said to have whipped out an "Immunity Agreement", and told Rehberg to sign it "or else."

Chief Assistant D.A. Dick Hand says no one can offer an Immunity Agreement except the District Attorney, and he will investigate.

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