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Tax Commissioner could be after you

August 26, 2004

Albany - Do you owe any taxes? If so, the Georgia Department of Revenue is on the lookout for you.

Commissioner Bart Graham says they are taking aggressive measures to stop tax delinquents.

One new way, if you own an alcohol license and you're not filing taxes, the state will not renew your license.

Two-thousand alcohol selling businesses did not pay their taxes in 2003. Graham says, "That's unacceptable, so we held their licenses for 2004 and that program yielded over 12 million dollars."

The Georgia Department of Revenue also adds tax delinquents names and businesses on their web site for the world to see.

If you have any questions, the Albany Department of Revenue has moved to a new location. They are next to H and R Block in the Brooks Plaza on Slappey Boulevard.

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