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Young gymnasts want to follow Olympiad footsteps

August 26, 2004

Albany - Olympic Gymnastic competitions may be over, but the dream continues in the hearts of many. Training starts at a young age and not everyone makes it to the Olympic platform.

In order to get to the Olympics you have to practice.

Eleven-year-old, Brooke Renfroe, says, " I do want to become an Olympian, I think I'm really going to become one."

While Renfroe and Casey Millhof are strengthening their dreams, they're keeping an eye on Greece from No Limitz in Albany. Casey laughs, "Yes, and I've seen lots of cool tricks on bars."

Casey thinks Olympian Carly Patterson is cool under pressure and Brooke has kept her eye on Courtney McCool. Brooke smiles, "She's an idol for me."

Idols that have taught these young ladies there's something that's just as important, if not more, than a fancy routine. It's the exclamation point on a routine. Casey explains, "You have to stick it."

And stick to strict training. Casey admits, "It's pretty hard with the coach yelling at you." Especially if the coach doubles as your mom. Coach Cathy Millhof says a recipe for a golden gymnast is strength, balance and bravery.

And when you fall, Casey, adds, "I know it's just a sport and the whole world is not going to end, I just get back up and do it."

Back up to try for an Olympic medal. Brooke says, "I think it would be awesome."

An awesome dream for the nine and 11 year old, who together, have competed less than ten years.

Gymnastic coach Millhof watches the Olympics to try new tricks in her classes.

No Limitz is expanding and will be moving to Lee County next month.

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