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Guardsmen enjoy downtime

August 26, 2004

Thomasville-- They've been home for almost a month, so h ow are members of the 1148th Transportation Company adjusting?

The 1148th served overseas in Kuwait and Iraq for 15 months.

Now, after a warm welcome home celebration, the soldiers are adjusting to a more normal life, back with their families and friends.

It's been just under a month since a homecoming parade was held through downtown Thomasville. In the time since, the soldiers have been readjusting to life at home, doing simple things like mowing the grass, and we caught up with Staff Sergeant Lamar Young and his wife Judy.

For 15 months, every time Judy Young sat on this couch, she did so alone, but not anymore. "It's just good to see my husband back in one piece," she says.

Young served in Operation Iraqi Freedom for 15 months. Now, he's learning how to serve again on the homefront. "I'm working in that yard, that's the main thing, getting that yard straight. Like I said, painting, painting rooms, gotta redo the kitchen," Lamar grinned.

And of course, he's had some time to relax. "Sitting down doing nothing, a couple of days, here and there."

Those days of relaxation are well deserved. After being deployed to Kuwait, and having their stay extended, he and the rest of the 1148th, needed some TLC. "It was pretty rough, the morale kind of went down once everyone got the word that we were going to be staying longer."

But now, his spirits are high and he's enjoying spending time with those he loves in a safe environment. "I'm glad to be back. That's the biggest part of it, getting back here seeing your family and all."

Because, after all, he's "Got a lot of making up to do."

The Youngs have been married for five years, but they're still practically newlyweds. He's missed two anniversaries, and his son's birthday, so he's glad to be back.

Before Staff Sergeant Young goes back to work however, Young says he is going to redecorate the kitchen for his wife. He'll be painting the cabinets and laying tile flooring.

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