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School wins national award for student motivation

August 26, 2004

Lakeland - It happens every nine weeks at Lanier County Elementary. "Our whole town turns out, businesses come and sponsor with us," said Jonan Holbrook, Teacher.

They call it a Renaissance pep rally, complete with cheerleaders, music, and prizes, all to reward these students for good grades and behavior. "If you've upped your grades by just one point, we're going to reward and recognize you in so many ways," said Holbrook.

And stacked against more than 5,000 other schools with Renaissance programs, Lanier County Elementary has the best. "People from all across the nation voted and got one vote and our school won again for the 2nd year in a row," said Holbrook.

Now schools all over the country are looking to the small town of Lakeland as a model for motivating students. "Our students want to come to school, they don't even want to stay out when they're sick, they're asking Mama to let them come," said Felicia Moore, Teacher.

Since the program started five years ago, test scores have skyrocketed and bad behavior is a thing of the past. "It makes be a better student," said J.T. Williams.

"As a parent and teacher, I think it has done wonders for our school," said Ginger Griffis, Teacher. A school that's taking student motivation to a whole new level.

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