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Job Fair raises hopes

August 25, 2004

Albany -- People are looking for jobs in Albany. That was easy to see at a job fair Wednesday afternoon. At noon there was a 75-yard line long outside the National Guard Armory to attend a job fair. Traffic on North Monroe Street was bumper to bumper.

"I'm a single parent looking for a job right now. And I think this job fair is good for everyone. Even though it's a long wait, it's worth it," says job seeker Karina Tumblin.

"What scares me is the lack of jobs in the area, and how many people as you can see are unemployed," says job seeker Eric Tollefson.

The most popular booth inside the job fair was the Marine Corps Logistics Base. The base just announced 300 new jobs.

"I think it's the greatest thing that's happened in the last few months. We need more job opportunities for people in town," says Terry Cosper of the Marine Corps Services.

Most of the businesses represented at the job fair say they were overwhelmed by the response. The job fair was sponsored by the Georgia Association of Broadcasters.

Finding a job in todays job market can be difficult especially if you have been out of work for a while. We talked to one job seeker who's taking her road back to the work world one step one step at a time.

Amidst countless job seekers, and lines that seem to go on forever at this job fair we found Sandra Whitcomb. Her last job was changing diapers she admits taking care of her 7 month old grand-daughter presented its own set of career challenges.

"You can only take so much of Elmo, Big Bird, the Count and Teletubbies at some point you need some adult conversation," says Whitcomb.

So, At 58, she is back in job market, after retiring from a 10 year career as a bookkeeper for the state. And after 10 years remembering what to tell employers is a little fuzzy.

For Sandra going back into the world of work is a little scary. She must compete with people younger who have more education. So she will have be sharp to push her way to the top. So many steps to take that you might be surprise to find out that she doesn't really know what wants to do.

"I guess I should have a master plan but I just maybe want to do something different, something that I can help other people and give back to the community that kind of thing," says Whitcomb .

And that type of youthful optimism is rare in this room but that might be enough for this job seeker. She is in search of her dream job armed with resume and heart full of positive thinking.

Although Sandra did not find the job for her today she believe it only a matter of time.

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