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New armor kits being developed at Albany MCLB

August 24, 2004

Dougherty County -- Many new workers could end up making new and improved armor kits for Marine Humvees.

 If the Defense Department approves the design, full production could start soon in Albany. After months of using the first armor kits in Iraq, workers developed the new prototype armor kit. It's a major step up in protecting the troops.

 Maintenance Center Deputy Commander Trent Blalock said "You've got the full door as opposed to the L-shaped door that we came up initially. It's includes the ballistic glass in the door as well as the ballistic windshield. You got full underbody coverage, as you had in some of our initial kits, but this kit has full underbody coverage as well as back plate coverage and overhead coverage. In addition to that, there will also be an air conditioner added to this kit that will go in the back seat."

If the Defense Department okays the new armor kit design, the Albany Marine Base will build 55-hundred kits for humvees.

 A newly designed kits for bigger trucks is expected to soon follow.

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