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Woman conned in concrete job

August 24, 2004

Dougherty County -- Dougherty County Police are on the lookout for a man ripping off people. He offers to do paving work, but leaves with the money before the job is done.

Dollie Morman of Twin Flower Road is one of his victims. The man told her he would give her a good deal paving her driveway. But instead he just spread out dust, and cheated her out of 650 dollars.

Dollie Morman said "He said he had just finished a job. And I looked at him, and I thought he was a very nice young man. They wet it down just like it was going to get hard. I thought surely it was cement. See, and this is what it is."

Investigators have taken out warrants for Bo Jeffrey. They know of six people he has cheated, and they think there are many more. Dougherty County Police Lt. Dennis Dawson said "From all indications we get, he is still hanging around this area of Georgia. We are just looking for any help locating him."

Dollie Morman warns people to check into workers who come to your door, and not get ripped off like she was. And as always, never pay people for work until the job is done and you've inspected it.

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