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Bring a cow, get a free drink

August 24, 2004

Thomasville - The problem with waiting 'til the cows come home, is that the cows may never come. "If someone brings a cow today, from 2-4, then they can get a free moolatte if they bring it to the door," says Casey Rogers.

It's a quirky marketing ploy that doesn't appear to be working. "We just thought we'd have, we thought we really would have a few cows come in today," says Thomasville DQ owner, Jim Davis.

Finally, after calling in reinforcements from the local stockyard, some cows arrive. But it's kind of cruel isn't it? Taking cows to a burger joint?

"It wasn't meant to be negative," says Davis. "It was meant to all be positive. It's however you want to take it, I reckon."

The marketing campaign was designed to have people try the new moolatte line, but who really wants to go into a restaurant where cows are standing right outside? A simpler idea may have been to give away samples of the drink.

So, maybe next time DQ has a marketing blitz, they won't ask folks to bring cows. Rather, they'll provide their own, in their own, special, Dairy Queen way.

One reason people may have decided not to bring their cows to Dairy Queen is because the event was scheduled between 2 and 4PM, when most people are still hard at work.

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