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South Georgia student diagnosed with hepatitis

August 23, 2004

Albany- Sherry Stubbs is cleaning up after a busy morning.

She had to take her son Trey, who has partial cerebral palsy, to the doctor instead of school.

"He has different medical problems, especially the immune problem. He can catch something very easy," she said.

That's why she was worried when she heard that school officials learned last week that a pre-K student at Schley Elementary School was diagnosed with hepatitis.

The state division of public health also told the school three other students previously had hepatitis A, but they weren't contagious when school started at the end of July. The school was instructed to follow public health guidelines.

"So we followed those same guidelines and sent the letters home to the classes they pretty much directed us to," said Dr. Deborah Hawver, assistant superintendent of Schley County School System.

Most of those students got preventative injections. The division of public health says it's unlikely children not in that classroom could get the virus. But all the teachers are monitoring children closely.

"We teach our children to wash their hands and not eat after other children and those type preventive measure," Hawver said.

Having a child with a weak immune system, Sherry just wishes schools were instructed to tell all parents.

"Because I imagine there are probably more kids that go to school that might have an immune problem or might have some kind of health condition," Stubbs said.

But since he's had the injection, she won't have to worry and plans to have him back at school bright and early.

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