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New craze for music lovers

August 23, 2004

Valdosta - It's the hottest selling item at Soundvision. "Since last Christmas, XM just took over," said Daniel Johnson, Store Manager.

XM satellite radio sales are booming all over the country. Store Manager Daniel Johnson says with all their perks, they're easy to sale. "You can listen to the same channel from here to the west coast and never have any static," said Johnson.

And there's more than 120 channels to choose from, in all types of music genres. "You've got comedy channels, talk radio, even traffic reports, weather," said Johnson.

But these gadgets aren't cheap. "They're starting at about $119.00 and can go up to about $300 or $400," said Johnson. And you have to pay a monthly service fee too. "That's ten dollars a month," said Johnson.

For music lovers like Johnson, its worth it. "It gets rid of all that channel surfing," said Johnson.

But others say why pay for radio, when you can get it free? "Would you pay $9.95 a month to listen to someone in Cleveland?" said Ed Doherty.

And what kind of impact might this have on local radio stations? Since most satellite stations are commercial free, local radio sales manager Ed Doherty says he doesn't foresee a problem. "I believe a local radio station can do so much more than someone outside the market," said Doherty.

But for those only tuning in for the music, it works. And if you don't spend much time in your car, most XM radios can be moved to your home or office.

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