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Top Georgia Dem responds to Kerry attack ads

August 21,2004

Albany -- Democrats are on the offensive about recent attack ads that question John Kerry's military record. They believe the ads are a low blow by Bush supporters. But, a South Georgia Congressman believes voters will look past the ads.

The newest political advertisement released by the Democratic National Convention Friday features a U. S. Air Force General endorsing presidential hopeful John Kerry.

This move comes shortly after Kerry lashed out against a flow of ads that attacked his military record.

"If he wants to have a debate on my service on Vietnam bring it on," says exclaims Kerry.

Democratic Georgia Congressman Sanford Bishop says he believes the ads released Friday will help clear the smoke in this election. He believes ads that question Kerry's wartime service are just a political diversion.

"I think it's really a diversion to make people look away from the President's military record which is very sketchy and ambiguous," says Bishop.

Even with both side denying attacks from the other, a new poll still shows Kerry is still lagging behind in Georgia.  A gap some political analysts believe could close in favor of Bush with a few months of stability in Iraq.

Bishop says voters in Georgia should look past what they hear and vote for Kerry-Edwards because they represent all people.

"I'm excited that we have one [a candidate] that exemplifies that regardless of your economic status, you can earn a spot to lead this country," says Bishop.

And if voters are making that connection with Kerry and Edward will be seen in November.

The Bush Campaign denied any connection to the ads that attack John Kerry's Vietnam record.

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