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Girl scouts learn to fight back

August 21, 2004

Albany -- Some South Georgia Girls got some lessons in self defense Saturday. These South West Georgia Girl Scouts learned how to use their body's to defend themselves.

The demonstration was apart of the Scout's first annual Keep Girls Safe Day an event created to teach young girls ways to feel safe both emotionally and physically.

"He had put his hand on me then he said he was a bully and then I had to do my hands like this and flip him over," says Girl Scout Dana Jackson.

"The girls don't feel safe emotionally and physically and the girls scouts received this information and we thought it would be important to Dougherty County to let them know they can feel safe here," says Doris Green Director of the South West Georgia Girl Scouts.

Girl Scout leaders say they want to have more community events like this one but they need volunteers. If you would like to donate your time call the Girl Scout of America for more information.

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