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Event draws 800 women

August 21, 2004

Tifton- The Tift County High School Performing Arts Center was packed with nearly 800 South Georgia women, all soaking in what renowned motivational speaker and author Marci Shimoff had to say.

"I wanted everyone to leave today feeling inspired and motivated to create change in their lives in positive ways," says Shimoff.

She has written six of the books from the "Chicken Soup for the Soul" series, and says she's still floored by how much her messages inspire readers.

"We've had people say they were going to commit suicide, but they decided not to because they realized that life was worth living."

"It does help you like she said relieve stress by doing all this, and it is really a lot of fun," says Sandra Holland.

"I really did enjoy everything about it. I've never been to the ones before, but I'm looking forward to coming to another one," adds Mary Young.

After she spoke dozens of women lined up to have Shimoff autograph their books, but they were also lined up to do something important for health.

"I was trying to keep up a check with my cholesterol and my blood sugar and that was very beneficial," says Holland.

Tift Regional Medical Center also provided free health screenings during their 6th Annual Women's Event.

"A lot of us will tend to wait until that once a year physical, and then it may be either too late to react or your road back to good health may be extended," says Renee Whidby.

Now the women say they are on their way to reclaiming not only a healthy soul, but a healthy body as well.

Shimoff is currently working on several new books including "Chicken Soup for the Recovering Soul," and "Chicken Soup for the Mom's Soul."

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