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Student choir to sing for Bush

August 20, 2004

Tifton- The Tift County High School A Cappella Choir was invited to perform at the American Legion National Convention where President George Bush will be the featured speaker.

By the sound of things you'd never suspect how nervous the students are.

"I'm excruciatingly nervous," says Chris Rutland.

"I want them to think that wow this group is awesome, and I hope we just do great. I want them to think the best of us," says Jessica Brownlee.

"I'm kind of like a class clown so I have to act respectful and everything to the president," laughs Megan Pro.

The 65 member choir was the only music group invited to sing before the president at the American Legion National Convention.

"It kind of makes me want to drive home to them that everything they do has to be focused, but the other side of that is I don't want them to not have fun. They need to enjoy themselves. They need be who we are," says Choir Director Randy Barber.

Who are they? A choir with a long history of great voices. Their invitation stemmed from a concert 12 years ago.

"It turns out that there had been some people that had seen us all the way back in 1992 at the Jefferson Memorial up in Washington D. C. doing some of our music, and it came from there," Barber explains.

This time they'll do more than just lift their voices for patriotic songs. As they lead the worship service, they'll lift praises as well.

"I hope that we just move those people with what we sing," says Pro.

"It's just an opportunity to glorify God and I know that's really not the purpose of the school choir, but for me I hope this is what this is about," adds Rutland.

"I can see in their eyes that's there's more than just singing a song. This isn't just a concert. They really have faith. They really believe," Barber says.

That's the message they are hoping they can get across to their entire audience, including the president.

The convention will begin August 29th in Nashville. In addition to their performance, the students will spend part of their four-day trip visiting music studios and learning about the recording industry.

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