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Langdale helps restore power in Florida

August 20, 2004

Valdosta - Robert Kritner is making millions of Floridians smile again. "They're happy with it, they're happy with anything you bring them down there," said Kritner.

He drives a truck that's taking utility poles to towns devastated by Hurricane Charley. "This will be 200 that we've hauled and there's trucks passing us going down there all the time," said Kritner.

And thousands of those poles are being produced at Langdale Forest Products in Valdosta. Since Saturday, they've been working around the clock to meet the demands of Florida utility companies. "We've had people shipping, taking orders, we've been framing, peeling," said William Browning.

So far, they've shipped an estimated 4,000 utility poles to Florida. Orders are coming in nearly every hour, and their usual shipments have almost doubled. "They're getting about 10 to 16 loads a day down in Florida," said Browning.

And as for when these workers will get a break, "We really don't know, I don't think the utility companies know," said Hickman.

They'll keep working until all power is restored.

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