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Gillionville project long overdue

August 20, 2004

Albany- It's a widening project that's long overdue. Two years ago, Gillionville Road started expanding into four lanes, now paving crews are putting on the final touches.

The area in front of the Homerun convenience store has been a big INconvenience for Albany drivers. "Inconvenience, but it brings people into the store," said cashier Beverly Woodrow with a laugh.

"It keeps us busy," said cashier Sandra Johnson. Home Run Foods store cashiers Beverly Woodrow and Sandra Johnson have mixed feelings about the widening of Gillionville Road. "It's been going on ever since I've been here and I've been here a year and a half," Woodrow said.

The sound of construction has continued on Gillionville Road for two years. They're ready for it to be done. "Because I hate all the noise, to be honest with you, I can't stand all the noise," said Johnson.

But it's causing a good noise. Not only are people stopping by the store to ask for directions because street signs are missing, construction workers get hungry and thirsty.

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