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Education all the way from Ukraine

August 19, 2004

Cairo - Two Ukrainian visitors are teaching them about the differences in culture and class. Olya are Anya Iziumtseva are asked questions every student wants answers to, such as "Who is your favorite movie star?"

But the students get some answers that they really need to hear. "We don't have a lot of clothes and a lot of money and a lot of food in Ukraine," says Olya, "but our people are spiritually rich. Very deep inside."

The sisters are visiting Shiver school in Cairo to tell students what Ukraine is like.

Olya says, "We have more children in our school." Anya adds, "Our children are more quiet."

And students spend a lot more of their time in school. One major difference between schools in Ukraine and the United States is that in Ukraine they attend class six days a week. That means no sleeping in on Saturdays.

Every year until students reach 17 they attend class from 8 AM to 4 PM, with holidays similar to the United States. And while the girls miss their family at home, they have grown to love America.

"We will miss all of you very much," says Olya. The sisters are scheduled to leave the United States August 25th.

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