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Peanuts pushed as low carb snack

August 19, 2004

Albany -- Trying to take advantage of the low carb diet craze, South Georgia producers are pushing peanuts as a snack food for the carb conscious.

The National Peanut Board has launched an ad campaign to take advantage of the low carb life style. Millions of American swear by the popular diet, and hundreds of new products have hit the store shelves to satisfy their snack cravings. But the peanut may be the choice for many low carb dieters.

National Peanut Board President Marie Fenn said " They are a nutrient dense food. They are high protein, so they give you energy. They have no cholesterol because they are a vegetable protein."

Marketers say that the average low carb dieter spends 85 dollars a month on low carb products. Peanut growers want their nuts to become part of that carb craze.

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