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Georgia water Quenches victims' thirst

August 19, 2004

Albany--  On a hot South Georgia day, a cool drink of water is like heaven. For survivors of Hurricane Charley, finding a slice of heaven is hard to do these days, water supplies are low, and in some areas nonexistent. A family owned water company is bringing a truckload of donated water to Florida families.

Boxes and boxes of sweet relief,. "We are bringing 1,300 gallons," said Callaway Blue Partner Ken Callaway. Thirteen-hundred gallons of Callaway Blue water, shipped direct to Florida.

"We are taking it to a receiving area as directed by the Sheriff's office in Punta Gorda for private donations."

The delivery men, Ken Callaway and his son Hollis, are from Hamilton, Georgia. Like everyone else, they saw the devastation Hurricane Charley's 145-mile-per-hour winds caused, and their reaction, too, was the same: "My heart went out to those who enjoy that area as well as a few friends that live in the area knowing the uncertainty and the pit in your stomach when you lose something."

Now, these Georgia men are giving something back, but that's not the only stop they'll make in Florida. "We are going to drop the water off and then drop me off at school so we are taking care of two things at once," said College Freshman Hollis Callaway.

Hollis is starting his Orlando-based school a few days late because of the Hurricane, "I heard they have limited power back on campus."

But the power, like the water, is coming back to Florida. A LaGrange family donated much of the water, half of it is distilled, which is used for medical purposes.

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