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Students learn city government

August 18, 2004

Valdosta - Fifteen years from now, their faces could be the ones you see sitting on city council. "I've been thinking about being a lawyer for some time and then jumping up for mayor, city council, or something like that," said Zachary Allen, Fifth Grader.

And he's off to a good start. Zachary and his fifth grade classmates at Moulton Branch Elementary are learning the ins and outs of city government from Valdosta Mayor John Fretti. "We talk about reading, history, and how that influenced my life and I try to give examples of how it helped me and how it can help them," said Fretti.

They're full of questions. "They ask what is the reason you ran and how do you run and what's the best part of your job," said Fretti.

And they're quickly learning what it takes to run a city. "As long as you haven't been in trouble and you're a certain age, you can do anything you try to," said Allen. "It's a big responsibility and I think it would be fun to help people out," said Caine Green, Fifth Grader.

And learning the laws now will make them less likely to break them in them later. "I had never known you have to have a leash on your dog because we live in the county," said Green. "I've learned you have to keep your yard at a certain point," said Allen.

So when Zachary gets ready to take that stab at politics, he'll have the skills needed for a long and successful career.

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