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CAP Commander moves to bigger squadron

August 17, 2004

Albany- Albany's Civil Air Patrol unit is getting a new commander after being under the same leadership for almost 30 years.

Colonel Mark McCracken passed the reigns to Lt. James Lawton Tuesday night. The CAP works with young cadets and helps with aerospace education. Some duties such as searching for downed planes is also important to homeland security.

"A lot of times we get called out 2:30, 3:30 in the morning to go search for an emergency transmitter locator, which is the device that goes off in case an airplane crashes," McCracken said.

"I think everybody we work with, all our senior members and our cadets are also certainly willing to help me and do whatever we can to continue what Col. McCracken has done over the years," Lawton said.

McCracken is taking over the Georgia Wing, the largest squadron in the state.

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