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Water tank sits on ground

August 17, 2004

Leary - One South Georgia town has waited a year for a new water tower to go up to improve water pressure. Leary city officials say the contractor picked up and shipped out.

All city water customers get their H2O from one old water tank. A new one started to go up, but completion is now seven months behind.

Jack Perryman takes a morning walk almost every day, but he doesn't always get the greatest view. He has to pass by what looks like a rusty hot air balloon, coupled with, he describes, "It almost looks like a missile launch or something."

The "something" is actually a water tank and tower. City officials bought it used, but something that's not new to Leary is poor water pressure. Perryman says, "Sometimes you can take a shower and it's almost just dripping out sometimes, so it is a real problem with water pressure."

And a real rusty eyesore. City Councilman Fred Hart walks out his front door and sees the unfinished tank from his porch.

Unfinished because the Florida contractor backed out. It was supposed to be up and running in February. Hart encourages others to, "Hang tight we're working with lawyers and engineers to get something going again."

Until the new tank gets flowing, Leary city water customers, like Perryman, will continue getting water from the old tank. Hart laughs, "Good water, just hard to get sometimes."

And hard to keep cash flowing. Hart admits, "We don't have no money."

The city got a $500,000 grant from the state.

Once the tank gets off the ground, the old one will come down. The 150,000 gallon tank will eventually be painted.

Hart says an X-ray was done on the newest tank and it needs more welding to patch up holes. A new well was already drilled and is ready to go

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