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Health experts prepare for flu season

August 17, 2004

Albany - It's almost time to get your children vaccinated against the flu. Health experts will start giving the flu shot at the beginning of October.

To make sure there isn't a shortage of the vaccine like last year, manufacturers are producing 100-million doses. And the CDC stockpiled 4.5-million more doses of the flu shot for children.

For older children and adults, there is also an alternative to the flu shot. "We hope to emphasize the flu mist," said Pediatrician Dr. John Sanders. "It's just one mist up each side of your nose. At least last year, it was more effective than the flu shot. I even took the nasal mist instead of the injectable last year."

The flu mist is about $10 more than the shot. Flu season can start as early as October, but it typically runs from mid-December to March. Doctors say children over 6-months old should get the flu vaccine.

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