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Young impersonator honors The King

August 16, 2004

Cook County - He died 20 years before she was born, but seven-year-old Demi Downing is Elvis Presley's biggest fan. "I was born to be the queen for the king of rock and roll," said Downing.

Her love for Elvis started when Demi was just four years old. "One day I was watching an Elvis movie, and I just got hooked on him," said Demi. "She fell in love and told my mother she was going to marry him one day," said Heather Moore, Demi's Mother.

Since then, she hasn't stopped singing. "A true Elvis fan likes all of his songs, but if I could pick my most favorite, it would be 'Can't Help Falling in Love'" said Demi.

Demi's love for Elvis doesn't end with her singing, just check out her room. Pictures of Elvis are everywhere, she has an Elvis phone, and she even has the gates of Graceland painted on her wall. "I have an Elvis salt and pepper shaker, here's an Elvis Presley book, and another book, this is all my c.d.'s," said Demi.

And her favorite vacation spot, Graceland, of course. She's been twice, and this year, she even got to record a c.d. in Sun Studios. "She sang a few songs there, and everyone was asking for her autograph," said Moore.

So even though she never got to meet The King, she'll keep singing his praises to keep his memory alive.

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