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Divers have Olympic dreams

August 15, 2004

Moultrie- Less than 24 hours after their national competition the Moss Farms Diving Tigers are already springing back into action.

"It feels good that it's finally done and now we can take a break for a while," admits Owen Blank.

But during that break, diving will still be on their minds as they intensely watch coverage of the U.S. Olympic diving team, even when they don't take gold.

"I guess you could say they did good, not their best, but some days are like roses, some days are like manure," says Nick Price.

"It's just so amazing to me to see all those athletes and how far they've gone in their sport," says Anna Aguero.

And that's a distance they all admit to dreaming of reaching themselves.

"Maybe I'll make it that far. I'm hoping to," says Ann Perry Blank.

"I'd like to be widely known as the best there ever was," says Price.

"Everybody hopes to make it to the Olympics one day. I think it'd be really, really cool to go," laughs Aguero.

Their dreams may be the same, but these teens all flip for different events.

"I really like three meter," Aguero says.

"I like tower on 2 meter and 5 meter," says Ryan Helms.

"I like platform. That's what I qualified for nationals on," says Owen Blank.

They've have their favorite divers too.

"Laura Wilkinson, I really look up to her," admits Ann Perry Blank.

"Clayton Moss was a really good idol for me. He was one of the first divers here at Moss Farms, and I really like to look up to him," Helms says.

Until their diving dreams become reality, the Tigers say they'll focus on landing college scholarships.

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