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Recovery center opens new wing

August 15, 2004

Albany -- An apartment building, that was once a crack house, is now providing a place for women recovering from addictions. The GraceWay Drug and Alcohol Recovery Center's Transition apartments opened Sunday.

You might not be able to tell, but 22 year-old Allison F. is climbing the steps and unlocking the door to a major milestone in her life.

"I have never lived on my own except for a short period of time, so it feels good today to be out and responsible for myself and not depend on my family, not depend on anyone," says Allison.

But this is no ordinary apartment, and Allison is no ordinary young women. She is the first resident of GraceWay Drug and Alcohol Recovery Center's Transitional Apartments.

"Before my eleventh grade of high school, I started smoking pot and then it was one thing after another. Finally, I was using mehtamphetamine."

But that was ten months ago. Through the center's 12 step program, that mixes traditional methods and religion teaching, Allison has stopped using drugs earning the right to live an unrestricted life in the transitional apartments.

"It means a lot to them because they go beyond that gate and beyond that gate is the world. They can either accept it or not," says Barbara Fredrick a staff member at GraceWay.

Allison is accepting responsibility for life. She is college now, pursuing a degree in early childhood education.

"You know not everyday is a good day, but we can help each other through it," says Allison.

She says she hopes here success will help other women that will soon move in next door. Mayor Willie Adams proclaimed Sunday Graceway Recovery day in Albany.

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