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Truckers avoid Interstate75

August 13, 2004

Tifton-- Gusty winds and slick roads can cause a dangerous situation for tractor trailers and buses. DOT officials are warning you to beware.

17 year old Daniel Spiller is headed back home to Florida, although he's hoping for the best he fears the worst.

"We live right there on the beach and I just know my house is going to get wiped out," says Spiller as he boards a bus back to his hometown.

DOT workers hope Spiller's bus will be one of the few commercial vehicles traveling a major highway into Florida. Emergency agencies are urging truckers and drivers of other big vehicles to avoid roads like Interstate 75 and seek alternate routes out of the hurricane's path. It's a message being pushed aggressively to truckers.

"I was scheduled to go to Florida for a delivery in the morning but the way the weather is looking I'm not going anywhere," says trucker Kelly Burrentte.

Many of the drivers at this truck stop in Tifton have already been delayed by the weather systems and are choosing their next step carefully.

"Drivers make their own decision if it's too dangerous or the company decides whether it's too dangerous to go," says another trucker.

Some headed out of Florida have already seen the power of the Charley.

"It blew me from one lane to another, that's how bad it was," says a trucker who recently left one area in Florida.

Transportation officials are warning those who take a gamble that they'll beat dangerous conditions on the road may not live to make another wager.

Mandatory road closures for Interstate 75 north and southbound, and Interstate 10 eastbound from Lake City to Jacksonville, are possible.

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