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Hurricane Charley chases away Floridians

August 13, 2004

Tallahassee - With more than 2 million people asked to evacuate the Tampa area, heavy traffic flowed both North and West.

Mary Ann Rung of Citrus Springs, Florida is on her way to Alabama. She says she had no desire to wait out the Hurricane and left early this morning to avoid any problems. WALB caught up with her at a rest area on I-10 in Tallahassee.

Mary Ann Rung says, "We are escaping the Hurricane that hit Florida. My neighbor called me up at 6 O'clock this morning and said, 'my husband is scared to death, we're going to leave, do you want to go with us?' And I said, 'yes I do!'"

As hotels fill up, shelters may begin opening this evening for people with no where else to go.

Thomasville - If I-75 closes, many evacuees will use US 19 to travel north. In Thomasville, the Emergency Management Agency and local law enforcement officials are working to ensure that traffic won't get jammed on the highway.

John Richards, Captain of the Thomas County Sheriff's Department says, "Our biggest concern is evacuees coming out of Florida. They can come up 75 and take 84 West into Thomas County or off I-10 up 19 North into Thomas County and right now that's what we're looking for is just an influx in traffic."

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