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Firefighter suffers chest pains

August 13, 2004

Albany -- An Albany firefighter was hospitalized, suffering chest pains, after fighting a house fire early Friday morning.

 Four engines and fifteen firefighters battled the fire at this home on Lullwater Road about three A.M..

48-year-old firefighter Calvin Austin was taken by ambulance to a local hospital when the blaze was extinguished. Assistant Fire Chief James Carswell said "At the conclusion of the fire, when we were doing salvage and overhaul started complaining about having chest pains. So we had E.M.S. check him on the scene, and they decided it was in his best interest to transport him to the hospital to be checked out further."

 Austin was released from the hospital late Friday afternoon.

Investigators say an electrical short in heating strips in the attic ceiling caused the fire.

The home was vacant, because the owner died a few months ago. The electricity was still on as the house was being prepared for sale.

 Most the fire damage was to the roof, estimated at over 75 thousand dollars.

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