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Farmers prepared for the worst

August 13, 2004

Albany- South Georgia Farmers have been keeping a close eye on the weather. Dougherty county extension agent Lenny Wells explains "With peanuts and pecans, if you get a lot of moisture and warm temperatures you get a lot of disease."

Those diseases can kill their crops. "Later on we could get some disease coming in as a result of all the rain," said Wells.

Albany has seen about six inches of rain in the past week. Wells says "It's been more beneficial than harmful," but south Georgia farmers prepared for the worst when they heard the news of bad weather on the way. "The only thing they can do really is to get out some protective fungicide sprays if they know a rain is coming to kind of protect the crop," explained Wells.

They were protecting their crops from diseases that can result in problems such as scabbed pecans, but the recent weather conditions have been a blessing for most south Georgia farmers. Wells said "We've been pretty dry in areas for a good while now so even several inches of rain probably wouldn't hurt," but only if that rain doesn't leave their crops in standing water to spoil.

Bad weather can also leave cotton and corn stalks twisted which makes it hard for equipment to spray or to harvest.

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