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Disaster aid packed from Albany

August 12, 2004

Albany- When Greg White packs a medical aid box, he does it with care.

"I enjoy helping people," he said. "I get a chance to find out a lot stuff about medical parts and medical supplies that I never new."

Aside from knowing more about needles and catheters, everyone who works at the Department of Defense's Humanitarian Assistance Program at the Marine Base knows the difference their labor makes.

"Everyone says they like helping others," Greg said. "This is a golden opportunity for people to actually help."

The supplies will be loaded onto 40-foot containers and sent to seven Caribbean countries so they'll be ready for disaster.

"For that equipment to be staged into their warehouse to be prepared for any type of disaster that they may be able to get their hands on during or after a disaster strikes," said program director Bill Lane.

Supplies from syringes to medical tables will be stored in those countries. Although, it won't be everything they'll need.

"But it's something they can use as a first strike means and readily get their hands on to start actually treating victims in case of a disaster," Lane said.

Not everything the program sends to other countries fits in a box. They even send cargo trucks that can used to haul anything from equipment to people.

All the supplies are left over from our military branches. But they're inspected and the equipment is even certified before it's packed away.

With hurricane season here, Greg has plenty of boxes to seal, but he wants it done it right.

"I would want it to be coming from someone who really cares about this job."

So whoever is helped by a box he packs, can count on it being a true care package.

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