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Fire Chief overlooked?

August 12, 2004

Cairo - Farrell Siler has worked for the City of Cairo for 20 years. He's been the assistant Fire Chief for the last 10. Recently, Chief Jerry Pearce retired, but Siler wasn't promoted to permanently replace him.

Councilman Ernest Cloud, Jr., doesn't think that's fair. "He was already in the system," says Cloud. "He's already been the assistant chief. Has the credentials and should have been the person hired for the job."

The city council did make Siler acting Fire Chief and will consider his application for the permanent position. Council Member Rosa Ann Hadden says the council is looking for a candidate that "can come in and be an aggressive leader, can train the firemen like they should be trained and to give us the best fire protection we can get for in the city of Cairo."

The city will accept applications for the position of Fire Chief through September 30th.

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