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Some Floridians ride out the storms in Georgia

native Floridian Ginger Nunley native Floridian Ginger Nunley

August 12, 2004

Thomasville--  A native Floridian, Ginger Nunley has seen her share of severe storms. 

"Opal was the fun one," she joked. "We left before the storm hit and it hit before we got to our desination."

But while in Thomasville on business, she saw that Bonnie was approaching her  Panama City home, and decided to stay here an extra day. "I'm doing some work for the Thomasville Chamber of Commerce, but because of the storm I was going to go home yesterday, but I decided to stay today so I didn't have to fight the rain and the traffic."

She says there's no reason to play games with mother nature. "When they say 'hurricane' and they say 'evacuate, it's serious,' you need to get out of town."

"A lot of people want to stay and ride the hurricane out and it's just stupid to do that. You should heed the warnings and leave."

And although Bonnie didn't do any damage to her home-- "Not much, doesn't look too bad. I probably could have gone home." She's glad she stayed in Thomasville.

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