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Bonnie creates a muddy mess

August 12, 2004

Lowndes County-- With washed out roads, clogged storm drains, and rain-slicked streets, Lowndes County is feeling the effects of Tropical Storm Bonnie. "We're approaching close to five inches of rain since Tuesday morning," said Nick Lacey, EMA Director.

And that's caused big problems for people traveling on dirt roads. A portion of Dasher-Johnson is closed because of the excess rain, and more are expected to wash out soon. "If a citizen comes to a road that is not closed yet and there's water across the road, call 911 and let them know so the road can be closed," said Paige Dukes, Public Information Officer.

Trying to pass through such roads could pose a major threat. "There could be a wash out underneath, you could misjudge the depth of the puddle and your car could stall and there could be a chance for danger there," said Dukes.

Even though this area hasn't seen the strong winds we expected, EMA Director Nick Lacey says the worst part isn't over yet. Hurricane Charlie will be moving in as early as Friday morning. "Here in Lowndes County we'll be on the left hand side of the path, it will be a little closer than what we thought yesterday, so we'll be impacted by Charlie in a significant way," said Lacey.

Lowndes County opened part of its 911 center as a Emergency Operations Center where city and county department heads went over emergency preparedness plans.

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