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Public Works prevents potential flooding

August 12, 2004

Albany -There was off and on rain in Albany Thursday but city workers knew this morning, one area on the southwest side of the city would be a problem when the rain hit. Sewer Superintendent Ann Zimmer-Shepard explained "We're concentrating on the known problem areas."

One worker lifted up the lid to a catch basin in the area where he found it clogged with plastic bottles and leaves. "That's why you want to tell the residents not to put all of their leaves into the system," says Zimmer-Shepherd.

The leaves were shoveled out and the plastic containers were removed. As the basin was unclogged you could see all of the nearby standing water start to flow right into the storm drainage system. "Eventually that's going to go through miles of pipe-line," explained Zimmer-Shepherd.

Another crew used a jet vacuum truck to clear a storm line. "They're basically jetting out the line to move debris and try to remove the sand, grit and leaves that have come into the system through our catch basins," said Zimmer-Shepherd.

The workers were concerned about all of Albany today. Zimmer-Shepherd said "We're trying to work in all areas of the city."

Workers paid close attention where there are a lot trees because not only do leaves clog up catch basins, tree limbs can quickly back up the system.

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