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City workers in Americus prepare for heavy rain

August 11, 2004

Americus -Public works cleaned out a big mess today. Street superintendent George Clayton described it as "a lot of trash and stuff in the storm drain."

They're preparing for the worst. Clayton suggests "We might get some bad weather." That bad weather could come in the form of heavy rain. Clayton said "We want to make sure they're clear to move that water off quickly."

The workers used a new sweeper truck equipped with wander and suction hoses to clear nearly every catch basin in the city. "All day today, make sure we get things taken care of," explains Clayton.

They also spent time clearing out target zones, which include heavy mud and debris piled up on the roadway and in the gutters. In the event there is a heavy downpour, water needs to run freely through those gutters so that the city doesn't flood."

The workers had their neighbors on their minds as they prepared for potential flooding. Clayton explains "A lot of residents get a lot of water."

Hopefully, a lot of hard work by these men today will keep this city safe.

Before the new sweeper truck, city workers had to clear out catch basins with shovels which took longer and was less effective.

There was so much rain in Americus yesterday school roof leaks had some kids thinking it was raining inside.

Several Sumter County schools reported leaks after more than four inches of rain fell. So much rain poured into one Pre-Kindergarten classroom in the Eastview Center, workers had to continuously empty buckets until it quit raining.

Teacher, Sekethia Pollard explained, "I heard the rainfall coming off the box and I said Ms. Patterson, the rain is falling on the box and it's raining here."

Maintenance crews spent today repairing leaks and inspecting other areas to prepare for more rain expected over the next few days.

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