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Preparing for the storm

August 11, 2004

Cairo - As the clouds roll in, workers get anything that will keep the water from flowing through Cairo, out.

Anthony Robinson says, "If you need cleaning or the storm drains need blowing out, we'll blow them out. Like this ditch right here, is full of trash. Water backs up, and we just try to get that water flowing through so we have to dig it out, and clean it."

More than 10 inches of rain could be dumped on Southwest Georgia within the next several days, a combined effort of Tropical Storm Bonnie and Hurricane Charley.

The road crew in Cairo is working to keep that water from flooding streets and even worse, someone's home. "We've got some ditches that go by people's houses," says Robinson. "You know, we try to make sure they're clean. That way it won't overflow onto them. We prepared right now for it."

Prepared as best they can in the calm before the storm.

If you know of storm drains or ditches that are clogged and may cause water to overflow, you should contact your public works director or road department.

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