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New students find home at VSU

August 11, 2004

Valdosta - Hundreds of teenagers are packing their bags and finding a new home here in South Georgia. It's move in day for freshmen at Valdosta State University, and a day Danielle Lalk has looked forward to to all summer. "I'm excited, I can't wait to start," said Lalk.

With her arms filled with boxes, and Mom and Dad there to help, she's ready to find her new home at Valdosta State University. "I like the campus, it's really pretty, its close to Florida, far away from home, far enough away," said Lalk.

As far as her dorm room goes.... "It's pretty small, it's a lot different," said Lalk. Different than the spacious bedroom and bathroom she's accustomed to back home in Atlanta. "I'm not looking forward to community bathrooms, I've had my own for the past two years," said Lalk.

After three trips up and down three flights of stairs, she's finally ready to unload and add that personal touch to make a four walled room feel a little more like home. "I brought a lot of picture frames, mostly from my senior year, my stuffed animal I've had since I was born," said Lalk.

And even though the distance will be hard at first, she's eager to start the next chapter of her life out on her own.

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