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Freddie Powell Sims wins

August 10, 2004

Albany - Freddie Powell Sims finished second to Roberts by only 124 votes in the three-person primary election three weeks ago.

On Tuesday, she beat the 12-year incumbent Lawrence Roberts by 797 votes.

The crowd goes wild and the victory for Freddie Powell Sims slowly sinking in. Her supporters trying to wake her up from the dream to reality. She's now the state Representative for District 151. Sims says, "Thankful to all our supporters out there, it's been a very long campaign."

A long and bumpy campaign, from redistricting to residency questions. Sims laughs, "Then, my campaign manager had to leave and go to guard duty for two months and we had to find someone to replace him. It's been bumpy, but we've maintained."

Maintained a positive attitude with the help of her number one fan, her husband Norman Sims. He smiles, "She's going to do good, very well."

So, how did Sims win by a landslide during a run-off against Lawrence Roberts, after only losing by 124 votes in the primary? Mr. Sims adds, "Well, we spoke about the truth. She's here for the people."

Representing Dougherty County at the gold dome. Mrs. Sims looks around her and says, "I could not have done this alone, of course."

Sims credits her win to her hardworking helpers.

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