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City preps for tropical storm

August 10, 2004

Albany- Keeping the city ready to handle bad weather is an ongoing job, but public works employees work even harder when they know rain is on the way.

"We try to ramp it up and work extra hours when flooding is imminent or bad weather," said Phil Roberson, director of Public Works.

Making sure storm drains are clear is an important part of avoiding water damage. But they're not the only ones hard at work.

Red Cross workers are on stand by to go to the coast.

"We currently have (Emergency Relief Vehicles) on alert for assignment including the one we're sitting in right here," said Bill Hamby, a Disaster Services volunteer with the Red Cross.

Red Cross Volunteers are expected to help when disasters strike.

Remember though, it costs money to send them to the scene. The organization operates on donations only and the Albany chapter is in need of money. If Tropical Storm Bonnie leaves destruction in her path, the ERV's will be used to feed people.

"Principally mobile feeding is the number one thing and you can haul up to 400 meals hot or cold," Hamby said.

So they'll wait on the call for help, while city employees keep working to make sure Albany is ready to handle heavy rains.

"What were going to do is what we always do," Roberson said. "Prepare for the worst and hope for the best."

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