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Rain doesn't stop State House 151 candidates

August 10, 2004

Albany - State Representative Lawrence Roberts started campaigning for votes around five Tuesday morning.

His supporters joined him near Jackson Heights Elementary School, holding up signs and giving thumbs up to drivers.

Roberts a 12-year House seat 151 incumbent says election days are always nerve racking. He says, "No one can tell you for certain when they wake up in the morning, know for certain that they won the election, so it's always nervousness. I know I ran a good campaign and I think the results are going to be satisfactory later on tonight."

During July's primary election, Roberts beat Freddie Powell Sims by 124 votes.

She also spent all day making sure voters remember her name before they cast a ballot.

WALB found her around lunchtime taking food to her campaign volunteers.

She says despite rain soaked signs, her volunteers were happy to pitch in and happy to thank voters. Sims says, "This has been just as grueling for them as it has for us to do this a second time, so you really want to appreciate people for coming back and voting for you a second time." Sims is a retired teacher.

Polls close at seven.

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