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Voters cast ballots in 2 runoffs

August 10, 2004

Fitzgerald- If it weren't for their different colored t-shirts and signs, you may not be able to tell the friendly group of people standing in front of Fitzgerald High School isn't together.

"If everybody turns out and votes like they're saying they're going to it should turn out pretty good," says candidate for Tax Commissioner Felicia Young.

"I'm a little bit nervous, a little bit nervous. You don't ever know," says candidate for Tax Commissioner Linda McDonald.

Because their race was tight in last month's primary, both candidates for tax commissioner are hoping voters won't forget them in the runoff.

"I wish they would just get out and vote," says McDonald.

"I'm just hoping we'll have a real good turnout today," adds Young.

Also hoping for a strong showing...

"Y'all come on out to vote," says Sheriff's candidate Bobby Clark

"We need you come on out and vote," says Sheriff's candidate Bobby McLemore.

... the Bobbys - Bobby Clark and Bobby McLemore. The two men hoping to become the next Ben Hill County Sheriff.

"I feel great. I'm getting some positive feedback and right now it's just looking great, and I'm ready to get it over with," says McLemore.

"I wish the parking lot over there was filled up right now," laughs Clark.

Even with the slow start, all four candidates are banking on after work rush to raise voter turnout.

Nearly 800 Ben Hill County voters cast ballots last week during early voting.

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